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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Tourist Home

Watched a Malayalam movie 'tourist home'. Excellent idea and direction (though there are similarities to another movie called Trivandrum Lodge). It is a thriller directed by Shebi that plots a series of incidents which take place in 10 rooms of a 'lodge' supposed to be near Medical College Hospital, Trivandrum.

The highlight of the movie is that the entire story (in fact 10 short stories) is filmed using a single shot. 

The 10 stories written by 10 different writers depicts different facets of human lives, the struggles, ethics and behavior. The director says that he was inspired by the movie Russian Ark which was also filmed using a single sequnce (2002). This technique is not new and has been experimented by Hitchcock and Max Oppenheimer. It is probably the first Indian movie to be made using this technique.

The performance of over 30 actors and actresses are memorable. Well done Shebi and team!