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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Delhi Belly

Watched Delhi belly last evening. A totally different movie from Bollywood. It portrays three friends living in Delhi depicting their adventures in an authentic manner.....a refreshing change from the 'bollywood masalas' and the usual juvenile and imbecile comedies.

I never read any reviews before deciding to watch it, as it was from Aamir khan, Kiran Rao and Ronnie Srewvala. The first shot of the movie took me to India and was a true depiction of Delhi suburbs. Most of the movie is in English delivering the accent (Delhi) in the most original sense. It was entertaining, artistically good and great choice of actors/ actresses. I think it was a bold attempt to portray contemporary broad Indian youth and I must say that the film makers were successful in this.Some of the dialogues are said so fast that one should listen keenly to understand and enjoy the meaning behind it.

The highlight of this movie was the fact that none of the actors/ actresses over-acted and still impressed well in their respective roles; there were no protagonists, as it was a combined effort from all the people involved in making the movie-both in and behind this celluloid creation. There were some exaggerated visuals and dialogues in between, though all in all it was a good entertainment, worth the money.

Tailpiece: Anyone watching this movie will think THRICE before buying tandoori chicken from street vendors in Delhi!


Vijay said...

Was this movie inspired Hollywood or was it original? Seeing the rushes, I thought this was inspired by "Hangover". Anyway, looking forward to it.

PCV said...

Not sure about 'The hangover' as I haven't watched it; but reading about it makes me feel that there may be some similarities.

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